Diabetes Support Groups

Whether you have diabetes or care for someone who does, it’s important to have support from family, friends and community members. That’s why Parkview Health offers free diabetes support groups.

Our support groups are intended to complement and enhance your professional healthcare by offering the encouragement needed to manage your diabetes, as well as stay healthy and active every day:

  • Assistance in daily management. Led by specially trained diabetes educators, a support group can help you learn how healthy eating habits and regular physical activity can help you manage diabetes. You can also learn how others’ manage the disease, as well as share your own strategies. Together, you can help each other identify key local resources, including where to buy healthy foods and good locations for exercise.
  • Social and emotional support. Diabetes educators and group members can listen empathetically and encourage you when you need it. You can help each other cope with social or emotional barriers and keep each other motivated to reach your individual health goals.
  • Guidance in seeking clinical care when appropriate. Diabetes educators are available to help you know when it’s important to seek medical assistance for any condition related to diabetes.

Contact the support group located at the Parkview hospital nearest you for additional information: