Community Paramedicine 

Community Paramedicine (CP) is a community-based care model where paramedics work outside their normal emergency response role to provide preventive and follow-up care to people in their homes or skilled care facilities. CP paramedics proactively focus on assisting people with regaining optimal well-being outside the hospital setting.

Our program assigns a Community Paramedic, who is a Parkview co-worker, to provide ongoing care to select patients.

The Community Paramedicine program provides:

  • In-home visits, which help us get to know you and your unique situation
  • A healthcare advocate who listens to you or your family’s concerns
  • A professional to make you aware of available resources
  • Assistance with home safety
  • Medication organization
  • Vital signs (blood pressure, pulse and oxygen level)

Parkview Community Paramedics have years of experience and training and were chosen to provide the care and support for your continued health.

Paramedics posing around a car