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Three Parkview nurses honored with DAISY awards

Fort Wayne, IND. – May 8, 2024 – Three Parkview nurses were recently recognized by The DAISY Foundation for extraordinary nursing.

Morgan Curle, a surgical trauma intensive care nurse at Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC); Colin Fassold, an inpatient nurse at PRMC; and Elizabeth Wendt, a mental health nurse at Park Center in Fort Wayne, were honored with DAISY awards in the first quarter this year.

The DAISY Foundation was founded in memory of Patrick Barnes, a 33-year-old man who spent eight weeks in a hospital being treated for an autoimmune disorder. During his stay, Barnes received excellent nursing care, and, in his memory, his family created The DAISY Foundation to honor nurses who go above and beyond for their patients.

In total, 56 Parkview nurses have been honored with a DAISY award since 2021.

“Our Parkview nurses go above and beyond every day to provide high-quality care and the best experience for every person — our patients, their families and their fellow co-workers, too,” said Juli Johnson, chief nursing and patient services executive, Parkview Health. “DAISY Award recognition is a testament to the compassion, care and commitment of our nurses, and we’re proud to see three more great nurses join the dozens of others who have been previously recognized for their exemplary service.”

Curle was nominated for the care she provided to a patient and his family in September 2023 as he decided to seek end-of-life comfort care. The patient’s family nominated Curle for her willingness to listen to and address their concerns and advocate for the patient in his final days.

“You let me know it was time to hold his hand,” wrote the patient’s child in their nomination. “I will always be grateful to you. Not a day goes by that I don't remember that night, and I am comforted by your kindness and caring towards my dad. I have met and worked with phenomenal nurses over the past 35 years. You are right at the top.”

Fassold, a nurse serving in PRMC’s 7 Medical unit, was nominated for his efforts in revitalizing a patient who was struggling after clearing a weeks-long, complicated medical issue. The patient had become very weak and depressed, but Fassold worked tirelessly to get her active and on the trajectory toward recovery.

“Over the three days that Colin cared for my patient, the change was remarkable,” wrote the patient’s physician, who nominated Fassold for the award. “Simply getting out of bed, eating better, having some sunshine, and being pushed to participate in therapies in a supportive way changed my patient's physical state and started to bring her out of her depression. She was almost unrecognizable from how she looked early in the week ­­— the change was that dramatic.”

Wendt was recognized for her efforts to help defuse a crisis situation at her Park Center office. A patient experiencing a mental health crisis was refusing to leave the office after consulting with the doctor and Wendt stepped in to provide additional support and address the patient’s problem.

“Although the patient wasn't hers, Lizzy jumped into action as she always does and went to speak with the patient,” the nomination states. “The patient just needed one-on-one support and a listening ear at the time. Lizzy was able to talk the patient through her crisis and bring her comfort when she needed it.”

For more information about the DAISY Award, visit To view the full nomination stories for Parkview’s three honorees, see here: CurleFassold and Wendt.