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Latent Tuberculosis


Latent tuberculosis (TB) means that you have bacteria in your body that could cause active TB disease. You can’t spread the bacteria to other people at this time. But if your immune system can't keep the bacteria from growing, the disease becomes active. People with weakened immune systems are more likely to develop active TB.

With active TB in your lungs, you can spread the disease to others. Active TB is a serious disease.

Latent TB doesn’t have any symptoms. You may even be surprised that you have it, since you don’t feel sick. It’s very important to take your antibiotic medicine as your doctor tells you to. This treatment prevents you from getting active TB. It takes a long time to rid your body of TB. You may be taking medicine for 3 to 9 months. During your treatment you’ll see your doctor for tests to see how the medicine is working. Your doctor will help guide you through this long process.

You may have directly observed therapy (DOT). This means that a health care worker watches when you take your medicine. DOT helps you remember to take your medicine. And it helps you complete your treatment as soon as possible.