To the victors go the squats, Round 2

compendium_600x314_marchmadnessbracketpreview_3_16.jpg PreviewThe tournament is down to 32 teams and we’ve updated our Nothin’ But Sweat bracket for your workout enjoyment. The rules are the same, your reps come from the game.  It’s not too late to get in on the fun and get moving! 

Want to play along? It’s easy:

Step 1: Print the Parkview Nothin’ But Sweat bracket.

Step 2: Look up the final scores of the games as they’re played and write them into the bracket.

Step 3: Perform the exercise associated only with the winning team and their final score. The required reps should be completed before that team plays again in the tournament.

For example, if Kansas (push-ups) beats Connecticut (burpees) 65–58, you would complete 65 push-ups before Kansas plays again. No burpees required.

That’s it! You can choose to compile all of the winners into one tough workout, or divide them as you see fit. Just be sure to get your reps in before the winners take to the court for their next matchup.


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