Spotlight on: Patient Access

Last Modified: 4/07/2021

Patient Access

The team of Patient Access professionals who assist our patients every day is certainly exceptional. Their jobs require them to assist with a number of services and be the experts on key areas of concern for the populations we serve.

“In Patient Access, we are the Directors of First Impressions, offering each patient or visitor that enters our facility a warm welcome,” Eric Risedorph, manager, Patient Access, explained. “We are schedulers, creating appointments for patients and ensuring that the times work best for not only us, but the patient as well. We pre-register, taking the time to collect patient information prior to their arrival to ensure a quick and efficient check-in process. We are authorization representatives, ensuring tests and procedures are authorized, providing patients peace of mind. We are financial counselors and cashiers, assisting patients with an estimate of their services, giving them resources such as discounts, payment plans and financial assistance. We are Patient Advocates, often providing a listening ear, vetting concerns and worries from our patients, and reassuring them that they will receive excellent care, and everything will be OK. We are registrars, collecting key information regarding the many services we provide.”

He continued, “We wear many hats and we learn to adapt and flex into any one of these roles based on the needs of the patient. Although these various roles are not always 'our job,' we make it our job to ensure we are providing the patient with everything that they need. We are the frontline, and we make a difference every single day.”

We asked Patient Access team members Diane Young, Shelly Rogers and Debbie Reahard to share more about their Patient Access roles and the team members they serve alongside.

How long have you been with Parkview’s Patient Access team?

Diane: While I’ve been employed by Parkview for 37 years, I’ve been with Patient Access for 4.

Shelly: A very short 45 years!

Debbie: Since June 2018, but I’ve worked at Parkview Wabash for nearly 26 years.


What can you share about your team?

Diane: I enjoy working with my fellow ER coworkers.

Shelly: I love my teams! They are the very best.

Debbie: I have a great team of coworkers both in Patient Access here at Wabash and the departments I work in. I work in the medical office building, so I work with Oncology/Infusion, Lifebridge Senior program, Sleep Lab and CardioPulmonary Rehab staff.


How do you feel coming into work every day?

Shelly: Excited I can contribute in providing excellent service, developing relationships and sharing knowledge.

Debbie: I love the location where I work.

Does your work through Patient Access feel meaningful to you?

Diane: Yes, because I am the first person that patients see and I enjoy interacting with them and helping them.

Shelly: Yes. Helping people when they need it the most is one of the most rewarding parts of Patient Access. When I can eliminate that fear of the unknown for the patient, I know that peace of mind I provided is one less thing they have to worry about so they can focus on feeling better.

Debbie: I feel like I am useful and helpful to the staff and I often get to know our patients because most of them come in on a regular basis. I get to show kindness and compassion every day, which is very meaningful and satisfying.


What does your job mean to you?

Diane: We are all here for one thing and that is to provide good care to our community members.

Shelly: If you work hard, provide excellent service, are dependable in every aspect and create great relationships with clinical and non-clinical teams, Patient Access will open many opportunities.

Debbie: My satisfaction at Parkview also comes from working for my supervisor, Shelly Rogers. She always shows that she values our team's work, but also values us as people. She knows and understands our daily jobs because she works alongside us.


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