Sara’s Guardian Angel

Last Modified: 1/24/2020

Guardian Angel

Recently, patient Sara Fritz, chose to honor Stephanie Falatko, DO, PPG – Neurosurgery, with a Guardian Angel award through Parkview Foundations.

The Guardian Angel program offers an opportunity to say “thank you” to a physician or nurse who provided excellent care. Each honoree receives a custom-made lapel pin and certificate as symbols of their patient’s appreciation. We asked Sara to share more about her experience, and what moved her to recognize Dr. Falatko.

What brought you to Parkview Health for treatment?

I had a seizure at work and was rushed to the hospital. A CT scan and MRI showed a mass on my brain. Dr. Falatko did my brain biopsy and brain surgery.

How would you describe the care you received from Dr. Falatko?

First and foremost, I am a woman of faith. I believe that God leads and guides us. People may argue or say it was a coincidence. Every interaction with her was a peaceful one. She would always treat me with respect and acknowledge me as a human being and not just another surgery case.

Guardian Angel 2

What motivated you to nominate her for a Guardian Angel award?

I chose to nominate her because she is humble, loyal and trustworthy. It is obvious she has the knowledge to be a neurosurgeon and perfectly capable of being one of the best, in my opinion.

How is your health today?

My brain surgery went well, so I went home the next day. My radiation and chemotherapy are completed and the cancer that tried to attach and stay, is gone. I can walk, talk and do everything I once did.


To learn more about the Guardian Angel program, please call 260-266-1288.

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