Honor Your Guardian Angel

Parkview Foundations Guardian Angel

A gentle touch, a word of encouragement, a moment of compassion. These simple acts of kindness strengthen our souls and heal our bodies. But sometimes their significance cannot fully be appreciated, especially when you or a family member face serious health concerns.

The Guardian Angel program offers an opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to a caregiver or staff person who provided excellent care. When you do so, your gift through the Parkview Foundation not only honors a physician or nurse for excellence, it also promotes and encourages the same kind of compassionate care you received for all who walk through Parkview Health’s doors tomorrow.

Your Guardian Angel will receive a custom-made lapel pin and certificate as symbols of your appreciation. They will also be notified that you made a donation in their honor. Thank you for giving Parkview Health the opportunity to serve you and your family. Your Generosity Heals!

To learn more about the Guardian Angel program, please contact Jennifer.Ledger@parkview.com or 260-266-1288.