Race day fuel: a tummy timeline

compendium_600_racedayfuel_success_9_15.jpg PreviewTomorrow morning, thousands of athletes will pound the pavement downtown for the 8th annual Fort4Fitness Fall Festival 4 mile, 10k and half marathon races. In addition to splits, forecasts and pacing packs, there’s another factor largely at play for the participants, and that’s food. Finding the perfect formula for that pre-race and race day diet can be tricky. Carb loading has long been touted as the ideal, but should all runners really belly up to a heaping helping of spaghetti the night before the big race? We invited Parkview Sports Medicine Clinical Dietician Christine Sorg to take the mystery out of menu planning with her complete guide to fueling up for the main event.

compendium_600x1200_racedayfuel_9_15.jpg Preview

Good luck to all of the athletes!


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