Parkview Pals: Jessica and Kate

Last Modified: 5/19/2022

When we think about Parkview Health, we often think about the relationships that form between our patients and their caregivers. But within these walls, we find incredibly strong bonds between co-workers who share common demands, common challenges and common wins. There’s a special connection that comes from shared experiences, and we want to celebrate the friendships that are flourishing within our health system. No one can pour from an empty cup, and nothing fills us up quite like a good pal.


Jessica and Kate

Since meeting in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit at Parkview Regional Medical Center three years ago, Kate Boswell, RN, BSN, and Jessica Lebeau, RN, BSN, have shared a devotion to caring for our smallest patients and some of their biggest personal milestones. While they are used to showing up for each other in the hospital on the night shift, they will stand next to each other on two very special days in the near future. They are bridesmaids in each other’s upcoming weddings!  

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