Parkview leaders pull together to pack meals

In support of Parkview Health’s ongoing commitment to serve our community, John Bowen, COO, Parkview Hospital Randallia, invited select leaders to join him in partnering with Community Harvest Food Bank and the Pack Shack to help supply provisions for our neighbors in need.

On Thursday, June 21, the group met at St. Jude Catholic Church parish hall, with the goal of packing 20,000 meals. “We like to set high standards at Parkview, but don’t let that number of meals intimidate you,” John said before the event, “according to the Pack Shack, the average person is able to package 200 meals in an hour! We’ll have a fun group of people working for two hours to meet this ambitious goal.”

We asked John to share more about the special initiative.  

Why did you feel moved to get involved with this event?

As a community based not-for-profit, Parkview Health wants to partner with other not-for-profits to serve the needs of our community.  Community Harvest Food Bank is a great partner who is doing a lot in our community to help with food insecurity. I am happy we can partner with them.

How many leaders participated? 

We had over 100 leaders from Parkview Hospital Randallia participating.

What does it mean to you to be able to give back in this way? 

It is about caring for our community.  That is our mission at Parkview and I am happy Randallia can be at the center of meeting needs in our community.

What is your hope for the families impacted by this program? 

That they will know there are programs to support them and people at Parkview Hospital Randallia and Community Harvest who care for them.

Any other thoughts? 

This was an exciting event where several not-for-profits came together to meet a need in our community. Parkview Hospital Randallia leaders packed the meals, Community Harvest Food Bank provided the meals to people in need in our community, Pack Shack facilitated the event and St. Jude’s provided the space. I was excited to see such an integration of several organizations coming together for a cause. We care about Fort Wayne and are glad to serve.

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