Parkview is 10,000+ strong

Our healthcare system has reached a significant milestone this summer, and we think it’s cause to celebrate. Parkview is officially more than 10,000 co-workers strong!

Parkview Health is the region’s largest employer, and we’re growing quickly, thanks to our team’s continued service and support. Their dedication and focus on excellence has allowed us to grow from a single hospital in 1995 to a health system with nine hospitals, several enhanced care facilities and more than 500 Parkview Physicians Group providers. In the last two years alone, we’ve grown by more than 1,400 co-workers.

We asked co-workers why they’re proud to be part of the Parkview team …

Roger Lash
Release of Information Tech
20 years

“I’ve worked in several different settings here and loved them all. I enjoy training newer employees, too. People just don’t realize the volume of our team.”


Linda Lewis
Chart Deficient Track Specialist
34 years

“I was actually born here and I enjoy being part of all of the history.  I love the people – the doctors, the nurses – they’re like family. The administration is God-focused and approachable, and I’m happy to be a part of that. They’re good to employees and we’re all just so blessed. We’re spreading the love around the community!”


Lieutenant Shannon Berry
Public Safety Site Supervisor
20 years

“There’s a family atmosphere among peers and that gets passed on to the patients. I see that especially with the nurses.”


Barbara Sheefel
Guest Service Representative
5 years

“I love the interaction with patients and guests. There are days you just sit and listen and it breaks your heart, but it gives me the opportunity to pray for people.”


Jeremy Heinold
Creative Services Manager
10 years

“The mission of our leaders and the opportunity to support our dedicated clinical staff. I like serving a system that works toward a higher purpose.”


Marilyn VanTilburg
Support Team Member – Cardiology
22 years

“I like the camaraderie of all the people in all the locations.”


Patrick Riecke
Director Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services
2 years

“The not-for-profit aspect and what we do in the community. I oversee the Special Touch fund, which allows us to do things for people in need with no strings attached. We’re reinvesting in our mission to serve the community, and we treat the whole person – mind, body and spirit. My services are nonbillable and Parkview puts money behind them. That’s pretty powerful.”


Demi Thomas
Patient Access Services Representative
6 months

“Everybody’s super nice.”


Jacqueline Walker
Nurse Practitioner – Hospitalist
7 years

“The benefits and, since we’re regional, the variety of patients we serve. I also love that connection with our patients and their families.”


Jim Moehring
Access and Identity Management Administrator
33 years

“I was born at Randallia. I actually worked an event 20 feet away from where I was born. So, that’s cool, but I also really appreciate that Parkview is employee-focused.”


Steve Sweeney
Facilities Engineering Tech
33 years

“My particular job allows for a lot of self management. There’s trust and they have confidence in me.”


Karen Nau
Coding Liaison
15 years

“The people. You can have a really difficult or demanding job but having people have your back makes all the difference. Also, management is really supportive and happy to help you.”

Want to join our team? We have a wide range of job openings and are always looking for compassionate, dedicated and talented professionals to work with us. Follow us on twitter and watch for #parkviewjobs for the latest recruitment opportunities.





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