Hey guys – It’s time for a tune-up!

This post was written by Kathy Wehrle, RDN, community outreach dietician, and originally appeared on the Parkview Dashboard on April 4, 2014.
Hey guys: you are consistent when caring for your cars. You get the oil changed on time, rotate the tires, check the fluids, etc. 
At least most of the time – correct?  
What about looking under your own hood? Is it time for a health tune-up? Are you one of those guys who don’t take account of their own health as often as they should?
I recently met Keith, a man in his 50s who wished he would have had a tune-up. He is a successful business owner, husband and father of three children. He thought he did a decent job of taking care of himself. After all, he felt fine.  
But on Thanksgiving day in 2013, his life changed forever. That day, he suffered a debilitating stroke due to hypertension and diabetes — two serious conditions he didn’t know he had. He hadn’t checked in with his physician for quite some time. 
Perhaps he just didn’t think he had time for those routine physicals and health checks. Maybe they seemed too bothersome. He paid a large price for not making his health a priority.  Now, after months of therapy, he is starting to walk and, hopefully, will begin to regain function of his left arm. He will tell you that he learned a hard lesson. He should have been checking under his hood all those years, staying informed about his health and well-being and making adjustments as needed.
For a complete health checkup, schedule an appointment with your doctor. If you don't have a primary care physician, call (877) PPG-TODAY to find a doctor and schedule an appointment at an office near you. To have a better experience at your next appointment, read "How to make the most of your next doctor visit," a blog by Jason Row, MD, PPG — Family Medicine.
You can also watch for free screenings and health fairs that take place during summer. 
Man up. Get in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health!  

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