Harvesting gratitude

Last Modified: 3/05/2019

A farmer with the 2017 harvest just around the corner, Jerome “Pete” Ness had just finished roofing a shed when he started having what he believed were flu-like symptoms. He and his family thought it was strange that this flu lasted longer than normal and was also accompanied by severe elbow pain.

Pete’s wife became increasingly concerned when the “flu” persisted and she decided to take him to the Parkview Noble Hospital (PNH) Emergency Room. She was anxious because Pete’s father had a massive heart attack and died in his mid-60s. Pete was almost the same age, but he didn’t have any of the tell-tail symptoms of a heart attack.

While there, the clinicians determined that Pete needed to be taken by ambulance to Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC) as he was actively having a heart attack. There, he went immediately into surgery with a team of life-saving Parkview cardiologists. 

Pete didn’t have any previous heart issues, so this experience was new, and he was apprehensive about what the next steps might hold, not only for him but for his family. Pete was, after all, a farmer who was strong and hadn’t been sick for more than a few brief times in his life.

As all farmers know, time is of the essence during harvest. Having cardio-rehab available locally at PNH was a great blessing for Pete and his family, who live in Cromwell, IN. Pete was able to begin cardio-rehab therapy and quickly regained his strength and mobility with little barrier to his rehabilitation.

Jaime (Ness) Cunningham, one of Pete’s adult children, shared, “We are so grateful to the helpful team of clinicians at both Parkview Noble Hospital and PRMC for saving our Dad. After the successful heart catheterization, Dad was able to recover through the disciplined regimen of cardio-rehabilitation therapy he had at Parkview Noble Hospital. The opportunity for people – people like my Dad – to receive the cardiac rehab therapy they need right close to home is something that is a tremendous benefit for our community. And, I am so glad to hear that Parkview LaGrange also now has cardio-rehab therapy for people in and around LaGrange to benefit – thank you!”

Through your generosity, Pete is able to enjoy precious time with his wife of 35 years, their three grown children and their spouses, as well as two precious grandchildren.

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