Getting to know Tommy Schoegler

compendium_600x400_tommys_1_16.jpg PreviewParkview leaders recently announced Tommy Schoegler will begin serving as director of Parkview Sports Medicine on January 25. In his new role, Tommy will be responsible for cultivating and maintaining strong relationships with area club and school district sports programs and teams, as well as developing new services, partnerships and educational programming.  

Born in Dayton, Ohio, and raised in northern Virginia, Tommy completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism at West Virginia University. He returned to Ohio and served as the Sports Director of WHIZ in Zanesville. In July 2002, Schoegler moved to 21Alive as the weekend Sports reporter until 2012 when he was named the station’s Sports Director.

“I feel very fortunate and appreciative of the confidence Parkview has placed in me to lead and serve Parkview Sports Medicine,” Tommy said. “Together we have a tremendous opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of professional, collegiate, elite amateur, youth and adult athletes.” 

In an effort to get to know the newest member of the Parkview team just a little better, we asked Tommy some of our burning sports questions.

The Parkview Dashboard: In your opinion, what is the greatest sport ever played, and why?

Tommy: I'm a football guy. It's the sport that I had the most success in during my athletic career, and I enjoy the strategy, physicality and the passion involved.


The Parkview Dashboard: What’s your favorite on-air moment?

Tommy: That is a real hard one to answer.  My favorite moments have always been the fun ones. Whether it's joking with Melissa Long and Curtis Smith, or giving Kent Hormann a hard time on "Sound Off" – those are the best. 

When it comes to events, covering Super Bowls 44 and 46 or the BCS National Championship game between Notre Dame and Alabama have to be the top.


The Parkview Dashboard: Who is the most inspiring athlete of our time and why?

Tommy: Austin Hatch. That answer would be different for almost anyone you ask, but for me you can't beat Austin.  If I had a fraction of his heart and determination I would be better off.  He blows me away!


The Parkview Dashboard: If you could be a professional athlete for a day, which sport would you choose and why?

Tommy: I would want to be in the final group on Sunday at the U.S. Open or Masters.  I love golf and can't imagine what that moment would feel like, but I sure would love to find out.


The Parkview Dashboard: What drew you to Parkview?

Tommy: The longer I‘ve lived in NE Indiana and the older I get, the thing I’ve come to like most about my TV job is the impact I can make on the community. I believe the potential impact that we can make at Parkview Sports Medicine, across the whole region, is endless. I want to be a part of making the lives of athletes and their families better.


The Parkview Dashboard: What do you hope to achieve in this new role?

Tommy: My main goal is to help the Parkview Sports Medicine team have as much success as possible in making a difference for athletes of all ages. We want to help athletes, from the hardcore to the hardly ever.


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