Getting more out of MyChart

Last Modified: 6/08/2018

Have you signed up for MyChart yet? With a handful of exciting new services, it’s the perfect time to create an account. We asked Max Maile, Director of Virtual Health, Parkview Health, to give us an update on this helpful patient tool.

I’m passionate about MyChart. It is really the key component for consumers of healthcare to communicate with their providers. It empowers our patients, allowing them to take an active role in their health care by enabling them to do things that they normally would have had to visit us, or call us for.”  

Over the past several months, there have been numerous key upgrades to MyChart that make it even more helpful than it used to be. 

Next steps.

If you don’t have a Parkview MyChart account, start taking advantage of these convenient services by signing up for a MyChart account today at Once your account is set up, consider downloading the MyChart app from the app store on your phone. If you need assistance with your MyChart account, please call 855-853-0001 or email


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