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Finding anchors during COVID-19

Last Modified: 10/08/2020

Dave Johnson, PhD, CNS, BC, LMFT, employee assistance specialist, Parkview Health, invited Cheryl Confer, MS, LMHC, employee assistance specialist, Parkview Health, to talk about strategies for grounding while all of the stressors associated with the COVID-19 pandemic continue to exacerbate anxieties.


With all of the changes, people certainly have “adaption fatigue,” and finding something normal and routine has become incredibly important. So many things were taken out of our daily routines and shut down, that many feel immobilized. Cheryl recommends engaging with friends and family (in a safe way) and going for walks as easy anchors, but there are so many options for finding connection to self and joy. We hope you enjoy her tips for living with the threat of a virus and navigating the weeks ahead.

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