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Do these 3 things today to turn your diet around

Last Modified: 6/08/2018

As Healthy Weight Week comes to a close, we wanted to leave you with a few simple action items. Maybe you’re looking to overhaul your eating habits, or maybe you just need a refresher course. Either way, these tips from clinical dietitian Julia Walker’s recent interview with Star 88.3 will help you create a healthy routine to benefit your body.

Often the biggest hurdle to making those healthy intentions stick is the fact they might not be realistic. There easy adjustments will make it easier for reach your goals.

1) Start with breakfast

It truly is the most important meal. It gives you energy to start the day. If you skip it, you get ravenous, which can set you down a path of making bad decisions. If you’re on the run, there are great options. Try banana on whole wheat toast or Greek yogurt in a smoothie with fresh fruit. I also like to have a fruit cup with quinoa and almonds or make steel cut oats in a slow cooker. You can set it up the night before and when you wake up, breakfast is ready!  

2) Have a plan

Prioritize your food and activities. We eat what’s available and convenient. But those who are successful with their eating plan tend to plan their food intake and make sure they have what they need on hand. There will always be an excuse, but if you are seriously committed to being healthy, make your food a priority. Have it all lined up the night before. Take the weekend, when you have a little more time, to plan ahead for the week and prepare food. Plan a leftover night to make things even easier.

3) Eat more vegetables

You need a good amount of vegetables every single day. If everyone knew how powerfully healthy vegetables are, the produce section would be empty. Ask yourself, “How can I add vegetables to this meal?”

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