Diabetics, don’t neglect your feet!

Last Modified: 11/16/2020


This post was written by Ashley Bojrab, DPM, FACFAS, ABPM, PPG – Podiatry.

It's Diabetes Awareness Month, and in the foot and ankle world, that means being mindful about foot care. During the COVID-19 pandemic, just like any other time, we must take care of our body, and that includes our feet. Fear of contracting the virus has led to patients not seeing their doctors, which can lead to more severe issues. This has led to an increase in lower extremity amputations. In order to keep complications from diabetes from escalating, here are some daily tips for foot care for diabetics.  

Check your feet daily. Look at the bottoms of your feet every day and, if you can, twice a day. When you are inspecting your feet, look for sores, change of color or discoloration, openings and/or drainage. If you are unable to see the bottom of your feet, use a handheld mirror and put it on the floor to get eyes on your foot.

Wear white socks. White socks are helpful because if there are any openings on the bottoms of the feet, the material will show drainage, which indicates the need for an examination by a podiatrist.

Never go barefoot. This may be the best defense you have to protect your feet, but wearing only socks is not enough. Shoes and/or slippers that cover the toes will help prevent a shard of glass, toothpick etc. from penetrating the bottom of your foot. Having your toes protected is the No. 1 way to prevent injury from occurring.

If it has been a while (a year or more) since you’ve seen your provider, or you have concerns about your foot, make an appointment for an exam. If you are apprehensive about going out due to COVID-19, check to see if your provider is offering virtual visits so that you can be seen from the safety of your home.


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