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This post was written by Kathy Curtis, healing artist, Fort Wayne Dance Collective. The Healing Arts program is made possible in part by generosity through the Parkview Foundations and integrates literary, movement, music visual arts into patient care. Read more about Kathy’s word art initiative here.

This lovely 87-year-old patient was born in Paris. She became an orphan when both of her parents died during the French Resistance. She married an American and came to the United States, where she has lived for more than 60 years. At the age of 70, she decided to become an attorney. Why? Because she wanted to expand her mind and keep learning! When I asked what word she would pick that would inspire her to feel better, she said it was “contentment”. She wanted to feel content with herself and her life. 

I felt her gaze on me the entire time I drew, as if she were watching how my soul would handle her personal discontent. We both love beauty, so I told her I would make her word as beautiful as I possibly could. When I held it up for her to see, she said it made her feel good to look at it. “That," I said, "is why I call my words medicine. Because if I do a good job, it will make you feel better every time you look at it.”

I love this woman’s word. Being content is a blend of happiness, gratitude and peace. What a calming place to be at any point in your life, but especially at 87. 


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