Catching up with Curtis (March ’18)

Enjoy this monthly check-in with Curtis Smith, our Director of Community Outreach.

I feel like every time we get to the end of a month, I’m shocked that another one has come and gone. You would think I would stop being surprised by how fast time goes, but it still catches me off guard. Of course, maybe it’s because winter won’t seem to let go of us this year, but, thankfully, that’s a problem from my past profession. 

March has been a busy, exciting month. I was able to speak at or emcee a number of events, including The Mission Church, Dancing with the Fort Wayne Stars, the Indiana Dream Center, the Euell A. Wilson Center, and the Whitley County Retired Teachers Association. Our team also supported our Diversity and Inclusion department and their annual Women of Grace celebration. 

I was given the opportunity to be a guest pastor twice. First for the 122nd Air National Guard’s annual day of prayer and then during the Sunday morning service at Collins United Methodist Church in Whitley County. There is no higher honor for me, as I share what God has done in my life and what we try to do in Community Outreach to glorify Him through serving others.

But, of all of these opportunities, one was particularly meaningful to me. I was the emcee of the Allen County Boy Scouts annual breakfast, where they honor a leader in our community. This year, they selected Parkview’s CEO, Mike Packnett. Mike, as many of you know, has been an incredible leader for our health system and for our community as a whole. He is the embodiment of servant leadership and lives a life that I strive to emulate.

Throughout the morning, he tried to deflect the praise, but it just persisted. And with good reason. Mike truly sets the tone for all the work being done in our hospitals and facilities, as well as the great efforts we get to support outside those walls. His leadership and the goals he has set for Parkview Health pave the way for me and my team to be able to invest so many resources into our community.

I hope all is well with you, and I look forward to catching up again next month!

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