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Catching up with Curtis (October ’19)

Last Modified: 11/01/2019

Curtis Smith

This post was written by Curtis Smith, Corporate Director of Community Engagement.

Dare I say we’re officially tiptoeing into the holiday season? Halloween is behind us, and unbelievably, I’m already seeing a number of signs that Christmas is right around the corner.  I don’t know why it surprises me – it seems to come earlier every year.

This October was such a great month packed full of wonderful opportunities. I emceed more than a dozen events, for great organizations like Remedy Live, the Lutheran Foundation, Cass Housing, Habitat for Humanity, Do It Best, the YMCA, and others, but there are a couple, in particular, I want to highlight.

Curtis Smith 2

Bridge of Grace is a young non-profit doing unbelievable work in the southeast part of Fort Wayne. They have truly transformed their community, and the leadership of Javier Mondragon always inspires me. I also had the chance to partner with Four:10 Ministries, which goes into places most people won’t, to reach young women with the hope of helping them turn their lives around. Their work is remarkable.

Curtis Smith 3

Parkview’s willingness to support so many amazing organizations always inspires me, and in October, I was reminded of one of the strongest wells from which we draw that philanthropic spirit. Last month, we held our 50th Leadership Development Institute (LDI), an all-leader meeting meant to update and inspire those guiding our co-workers. This was our last LDI for the year, and I had a chance to sit down and interview Mike Packnett, president and CEO, Parkview Health, on stage about his vision of leadership and of Parkview as we approach 2020. 

Whenever I spend time with Mike, I leave more inspired and motivated to help people and invest in our community. This meeting was no exception, as Mike poured his heart out about our dedication and responsibility to care for our city and our region. Parkview has made an immeasurable impact on this community, and I can say that with pride, not arrogance because very little of it has to do with me. Most of it, however, does have to do with Mike. His vision, passion and leadership have made Parkview what it is, and in turn, helped transform Fort Wayne into the city it has become – a place I love to call home.

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