Catching up with Curtis (June '18)

Summer has finally arrived! It was one of those years where it felt like we skipped over spring and went right from cold to hot. June was an exciting month at Parkview. We had the grand openings of both the Parkview Cancer Institute and the new Parkview Wabash Hospital. It’s thrilling to see these facilities, which will both have a massive impact on thousands of people for years to come, open their doors.

In community outreach, we continue to connect with many groups doing incredible work in our area. For me, June is a month of golf outings. People get a kick out of the fact that I spend so much of my time at the tee, but in all seriousness, these events are important for two reasons: 1) They support organizations who invest in our community, and 2) I get to network with people who are trying to build a healthier environment for our state.

I emceed a number of events this month, including Brains for Hope, the Foundation Fighting Blindness Walk and the Huntington County Relay for Life. Fort Wayne’s first ever Corporate 5K. was on Star 88.3 this month with Melissa Montana. I love Parkview’s partnership with that radio station.

I’m dedicating my time to some great initiatives. I’m on the Fort Wayne United Healthcare subcommittee, and we are starting to see a real difference through some of our programs thanks to a collection of truly dedicated people, including the Parkview Community Nursing team. We are also working on a new program geared toward helping African American men lower their blood pressure.

It’s hard to believe the year is already halfway over, but I hope you all enjoy more time outside with friends and family.

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