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Catching up with Curtis (February ’20)

Last Modified: 2/28/2020

Curtis Smith

This post was written by Curtis Smith, Corporate Director of Community Engagement, Parkview Health.

Even with an extra day, this February flew by! It was not a month full of events, as some months are, but it was a very busy one for me, as some of my teams continue to grow and change, here at Parkview.

Curtis Smith

I lead the Patient Advocate team, and I hired a new supervisor, Ashley Brzezinski, who is doing a wonderful job of leading the synchronization of the department. We are creating a standard protocol for patients in our hospitals and in our physician offices, so that we create a standard of care that is the same no matter what part of Parkview a patient visits. It’s critical work, and Ashley and her team are doing a wonderful job. I’m blessed to help oversee some of the changes we are implementing. 

Likewise, we recently hired a new volunteer supervisor who will be part of my team. Cassie Kurtz jumps into her new role in March, and I am excited to see how Parkview, with her help, will better engage with and invest into our volunteers. The hundreds of volunteers we have at Parkview are vital to the experience our patients and their families have, and we are always looking at ways to improve that experience. I am excited to work with Cassie in shaping the future of the volunteer department at Parkview.

Curtis Smith

Of course, there are always special events in a month, too. In February, I got to go to Chicago and be on the Willow Creek stage. It’s the home site of the Global Leadership Summit, which invests into leaders all over the world. I’ve been on some big stages, but this one was especially cool! I emceed Fort Wayne Soup and Parkview’s Healthy Business Matters conference this month, and during my monthly appearance with Melissa Montana on Star 88.3, I got to meet and spend time with Josh Raines. He is an incredibly nice guy, and I think he will help to strengthen the partnership between Parkview and Star.

It was a busy month, and I’m looking forward to March (and hopefully, some warmer weather)!


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