Catching up with Curtis (February ’19)

The latest from Curtis Smith, Corporate Director of Community Engagement.

February is an odd month – the brevity of it, the weather (this year seems especially crazy, and I am longing for warmth more than I usually do. Side note: It sure is fun to be on this side of complaining about the weather for a change.), and the lack of events.

February is the month with the least number of events on my calendar. Still, I’ve taken part in a few wonderful organizations’ activities this month, notably, the Apple Tree Center in Kendallville and Fort Wayne Soup. I’ve also continued to have the privilege of speaking at Parkview’s new hire orientations. It’s so cool connecting with people as they start their Parkview journey. I even did a “live shot” for Blackhawk Ministries during their Sunday morning services.  I was having TV flashbacks!

Most of the month has been going from meeting to meeting, doing the work of leading my teams in their work. On one hand, that may sound mundane, but I have the joy of leading incredible teams at Parkview, doing amazing things. My teams all help people, something I am passionate about. Some of them help our patients, some of them help the community, and some of them do both. I find so much fulfillment in focusing on the lives our work will impact.

As I look forward to March, in addition to the weather starting to turn, I am very much looking forward to seeing my new teams go through the change and growth that seems to be a constant at Parkview. One of them will welcome a new team member, and another is in the process of finding new office space at the hospital (a real challenge!), but we will always keep people at the heart of what we do, and that’s what I love about working at Parkview!

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