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Catching up with Curtis (December ’19)

Last Modified: 1/02/2020

Curtis Smith

This post was written by Curtis Smith, Corporate Director of Community Engagement, Parkview Health.

Anyone who has ever read any of my blog updates or the newspaper articles I used to write for the Journal Gazette knows I am fascinated with the passage of time. I’ve always been intrigued by how days, weeks, months and years can move slowly and quickly, simultaneously. The ends of years, and certainly the ends of decades, always cause me to pause and reflect.

Curtis Smith1

I truly can’t believe it’s 2020. This was a big year for our family. My oldest son got married, my middle son graduated from college, and my youngest son enlisted in the Air National Guard. It seems like yesterday I was looking forward to 2019 with great anticipation, and now it’s another year in the books.

Curtis 2

As always, December and the Christmas season made for an incredibly fast end to the year. Even though many aspects of our work slowed down, it was still a notable month for me. Early in the month, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Mike Packnett, president and CEO, Parkview Health, which is always an honor and a treat. This interview was for the Global Leadership Network and it played in Chicago, at one of their events. 


I also emceed a couple of events and preached at Garrett Presbyterian Church, but the highlight of the month was my week of “Give Love” with Star 88.3. For the fourth straight year, Parkview partnered with the radio station to surprise and bless people at Christmas who are going through very difficult situations. It was, once again, a tremendous blessing to connect with families all over our area and try to help them in some small way. It’s amazing to try and bless someone else; it always seems to come back and bless the giver more than the receiver. That was the case for me this Christmas season.

As I reflect upon this season and my life, I am blown away by how blessed I am. I hope this holiday season, each of you feels the exact same way.

Happy New Year. Welcome to the 20s!

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