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Catching up with Curtis (December ’18)

Last Modified: 12/28/2018

Enjoy this monthly post from Curtis Smith, director, Community Outreach.

December may be the strangest month of the year, for me. There is so much going on, but very little of it resembles my typical agenda. In fact, so many people and organizations avoid doing things in December, it has become a relatively light month from my perspective. That’s good, because I actually scheduled time this month to “catch up on email” and “clean my office”.  The quotes on the latter of those two really should be air quotes, as I am not sure someone could walk into my office at this moment and recognize that I recently had an office cleaning afternoon.

Still, I managed to keep busy. I emceed the YMCA International dinner and dance (and was even forced to spend a few minutes on the dance floor – sorry for anyone that witnessed this!). I emceed the Parkview Seniors Club holiday party and was given the privilege of preaching at Garrett Presbyterian Church. It was my first Christmas sermon.

Perhaps the highlight of the month was my week-long involvement with Star 88.3 for “Give Love at Christmas”. Each year, Parkview partners with Star to bless people in need. This year, we once again visited five families, and each one was moving and touching. The old saying about when you give, you actually receive is so incredibly true. Melissa Montana and I would walk into these homes to bless the families, and every time we would walk out feeling like we were the ones who were blessed. It was such a special week!

Finally, I know I wrote about my boss, Parkview’s Chief Experience Officer, Sue Ehinger last month (I’m including one of my favorite pictures of “me” and Sue here), but I must mention her again. Her retirement is actually here now, and her departure signals a number of changes in my responsibilities. I will tell you more about them in January. This is the biggest change in my career since coming to Parkview and I am excited about the future!

Happy New Year, everyone. I’ll see you in 2019!


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