Bagging, Sagging and Dragging, but Still Moving it!

Poised for action at the starting line of this year’s Fort4Fitness Senior Marathon, she was dressed to the nines, sporting a sign with these words: “Bagging, Sagging and Dragging, but still Moving’ it.” 
Meet Beth Lawrence, another inspirational, motivational character from this year’s Senior Marathon. The event took place Friday, Sept. 27 and Saturday, Sept. 28 at Parkview Field in downtown Fort Wayne. 
Beth's participation is symbolic of the Senior Marathon’s goal – to get participants moving, regardless of age or physical condition. This year, more than 10,000 Fort4Fitness participants, including Beth, in her own flamboyant way, served as fitness role models for the community at large. 

So, ask yourself – “If these seniors can do it, why can't I?"
The idea of the Senior Marathon sprang from the Fort4Fitness Kids Marathon, a similar event in which kids log 25 miles running or walking during the summer and finish the 26.2-mile marathon with a 1.2-mile event at Parkview Field. In the early days of the Kids event, some grandparents of the participating children asked the event organizers why they could not participate also and, voilà, the Senior Marathon was born.
'Anything I can do…'
While Beth took part in the Senior Marathon on Friday evening, she was back on the scene at Parkview Field Saturday for the weekend’s main events, a half-marathon, a 10K and a 4 mile run. She was dressed in similar attire and cheering for all the participants. When asked for permission to feature her in this blog, Beth replied, "Anything I can do to get people out and moving is fine with me."
Beth embodies so many wonderful aspects of exercise that it is hard to list them all, but here are a few: 
  • She is energetic and passionate about maintaining her own health and remaining active. You should have seen the energy with which she danced at the starting line on Friday and her exuberant cheering for the participants during Saturday’s events. 
  • Beth demonstrates by her actions, and attire, that exercise and activity needs to be FUN! If we can find fun in our daily activity, it is much more likely that we will continue to participate. 
  • She’s a great role model for healthy behavior that is so important for the community at large. While we don't all need to don the wonderfully creative attire that Beth does, simply getting out every day and demonstrating for neighbors, friends and family that you truly walk the talk will create a culture of wellness that will literally reinvent Fort Wayne.
So, thank you, Beth, for all you do to create a healthier Fort Wayne by simply being who you are and not taking yourself too seriously! 
For those of you still on the sidelines, take a good look at Beth’s example, and get out and start moving. Who knows? Maybe you will run into Beth on your next journey and she can cheer for you with the same gusto she brought to Fort4Fitness.
Keep moving!

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