Ann Curry’s secret to well-being

For years, Ann Curry has been a presence in Americans’ homes. As a well-respected journalist, she’s covered stories on a local and national level, always displaying a dedication to the truth and an understanding of her responsibility to inform viewers.

This year, Ann is the keynote speaker for Tapestry: A Day for You, an annual event for women in northeast Indiana that raises funds for students studying in the College of Health and Human Services at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW). The popular personality will address her rise to the top, motherhood, the meaning of determination and how we can make a difference in our corner of the world.

Just ahead of her big speech, we reached out to Ann with a few questions about how she takes care of herself while also meeting the demands of her pressing professional life. Her answers can teach us all something about values and the journey to our best selves.

Q. With your busy lifestyle and frequent travel, what steps do you take to stay well, mentally and physically?
I try to eat healthy, exercise and drink water, as we are all advised to do, but often I have to forgive myself for failing to do so. I like butter, don't always want to exercise and don't enjoy the taste of water. 

What I am better at doing consistently is trying to do good things for other people, not just for the ones I love and admire, but anyone I come across who might need a little help. This has been my motivation as a journalist, but also simply as a human being. I notice that almost every day, an opportunity to be a force for good presents itself; You see an elderly woman who is slowly crossing the street, a young person who needs a smile or word of encouragement, a homeless family that needs a meal, a mother with children who could use some help getting on a plane.  There are all kinds of things you can say or do to lift people. I think the chance to do even little acts of kindness have been one of my life's true joys.


Q. What habit makes the biggest impact in regard to balance and overall well-being for you?
The habit that contributes most to my overall well-being is practicing compassion. I bet it's better for my heart than any diet or exercise or even drinking eight glasses of water a day, though I still try to get better at those, too.


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