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Addressing stalled weight loss after bariatric surgery

Last Modified: 7/06/2020


This post was written by Stacey Boswell, PA-C, PPG – Weight Management and Bariatric Surgery.

Any weight loss journey is dependent on numerous factors. Undergoing bariatric surgery, commonly Roux-en-Y gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, gives an individual a tool to assist them in reaching their goals, but a tool alone is not enough to achieve and maintain a healthy weight without other beneficial lifestyle habits and smart dietary choices.

Individuals typically see dramatic weight loss in the first 6-12 months following bariatric surgery. Plateaus and stalls are expected at times, but here are some tips and reminders if you have undergone bariatric surgery and wish to lose additional weight or move on from a plateau that has stalled your progress.

Keep a food log

By tracking everything you eat and reviewing this information with a dietician, you will have a better understanding of where changes can be made. Maybe your daily calorie intake has increased or your protein intake has decreased. Maybe you need to increase fluids. Knowledge is power for change.

Measure portions

Early on after surgery, individuals are encouraged to measure portions. As time goes on, this typically stops. It’s important to begin measuring portions again to be sure servings haven't slowly increased.

Be sure you are getting enough sleep

Getting adequate sleep is very important for weight loss. Without adequate sleep, your body cannot burn calories as effectively and you are more prone to experience food cravings, which result in snacking.

Schedule an appointment

Be sure to follow up with your bariatric surgery team and dietician for guidance. They are there to help you and understand the struggles that are common after surgery.

Believe in yourself

Weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight are not easy tasks. Surrounding yourself with a strong support system, including friends and family is important. Bariatric support groups are another great option to keep your spirits up and to remind yourself that you are not alone in this ever-changing and challenging time of life.


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