Accidental Odyssey

Last Modified: 8/15/2019

Casey Drudge was on a mission to capture a raccoon in his daughter’s attic when an unexpected event altered his life forever. “While I was up there, I bumped my head,” he said. “But I don’t remember it. In fact, I didn’t remember anything for four weeks after that.”

Casey was taken to Parkview Regional Medical Center, where the neurosurgery team discovered his brain was bleeding, in two different places. “It was rapidly killing me,” Casey shared.

“With these types of situations, you never know how it’s going to go for the patient. It’s always a difficult conversation to have with the family,” William Young, MD, PPG – Neurosurgery, shared about Casey’s case.

Following surgery, Casey’s wife was told that her husband’s continued living wasn’t a day-by-day matter; It was going to be hour-by-hour.

Casey made it through those critical days and went on to complete rehab with the help of Dr. Young and the hospital staff. “This took a team approach. There’s a system that’s involved, with many players. The resources and personnel at Parkview made Casey’s outcome possible,” the physician said.

Casey decided to put his artistic talents to work to display his gratitude. He created a story quilt titled “Accidental Odyssey”, which goes through his health journey, patch by patch.

“Casey’s a unique individual,” Dr. Young shared. “Not many patients take the time to come back, even five years later, to thank us. And you can really see his artistic skill here.”  

Casey felt compelled to return and celebrate the caregivers who made his progress possible. “My life is a gift. If they continue to help others the way they helped me, then that’s really something.”  


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