A little Heart to Heart

It's recruitment time for the Her Heart Challenge! Are you or someone you love at risk for heart disease? Not sure? Consider if any of the following apply to you:

Unhealthy eating habits
55+ years old
High cholesterol
High blood pressure
Overweight or obese
Not physically active
Diabetic or prediabetic
Experiencing stress
Family history of heart disease

If any of these factors pertain to you, make your health a priority and carve out a little time to complete an application for The Her Heart Challenge. This unique opportunity through PPG – Cardiology, empowers women by giving them support and resources for lowering their risk of heart disease.

"A lot of people think you have to fit in a certain to be accepted ... you have to be over 50, you have to be a smoker, you have to be overweight ... But the truth is, we want to work with women of all ages, backgrounds and stages of their health journey. We look at every single candidate and evaluate their potential for success," Leah Felger, program coordinator, Parkview Heart Institute, said. 

Since we are currently accepting applications for the next class of ladies, we invited some of the inaugural group – who completed the program in February – to offer a few words of advice to those considering the Challenge. Here’s what they had to say …

“I would say that they should make a 100% commitment and attend every meeting including the overnight camp and be willing to make lifestyle changes. Losing weight is good, but don’t make it your main focus.  Lifestyle changes are more important.” – Bonnie

“A person wanting to participate needs to understand that this program isn't ‘come in and we will hand you a diet and you will lose weight.’  It offers understanding of so many facets of becoming healthier rather than just focusing on the scale that has ruled so many of our lives.  Also be prepared to be all in with the program; It’s a time commitment and should be a priority in your life for 12 weeks.” – Kelley

“Take a big deep breath and DO IT! Take the first step in taking care of YOU! You deserve it!” – Donna

“Don't be intimidated by having to write essay answers. Speak from your heart, and express just how much this program could mean for your health. I say go for it! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Take the plunge and see where the process takes you.” – Marcia


We'll be accepting applications for our next class of Her Heart Challenge participants through June 1. Complete the application and return it to Sarah Mohrman, PPG ─ Cardiology, Parkview Heart Institute, 11108 Parkview Circle Drive, PO Box 5600, Fort Wayne, IN 46895-5600 or email it to sarah.mohrman@parkview.com.

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