Her Heart Challenge


​Are you ready for the challenge?

Parkview Heart Institute has made a commitment to women by focusing on their unique cardiovascular needs and risks for heart disease. Together with Parkview Physicians Group – Cardiology, we are excited to offer something new for women in our community who are ready to meet the challenge to reduce their own risk of heart disease. We introduce the Her Heart Challenge.

If you participate, you will attend weekly sessions beginning in August that will include information to learn about your personal risks for developing heart disease and resources to help you improve your cardiovascular health. There are ways to lower the chances of developing heart disease ― which remains the number one killer of women in the United States. If participating, the Her Heart Challenge will also provide you with free lab work, opportunities for activity and access to health experts.

The selection process for the Her Heart Challenge involves an application and interview with the Her Heart Challenge Team.  Interviews will be held June 12 – June 16 to select participants for this program. You will be notified by July 17 if you are selected for this session of the Her Heart Challenge.

Print and complete the Her Heart Challenge application. Then return it by June 1 to begin your journey to better heart health.


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