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5 ways to celebrate National Nutrition Month

Last Modified: 5/22/2018

compendium_600x400_nationalnutritionmonth_3_16.jpg PreviewMarch is National Nutrition Month and this year the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has selected the theme “savoring the flavor of eating right”. “It’s all about taking time to be mindful about what we are eating,” Adrianne Kartholl, RDN, CD, said, “and enjoying the food we’re eating. So many times in the being busy, one loses sight of taking time to enjoy a meal.” She suggests that “fast” food doesn’t have to mean pulling through a drive-through. “Simply making a colorful salad or stir-fry can provide a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.”

Planning meals is a great way to insure that all food groups and an impressive variety of nutrients are incorporated into your diet throughout the day. “Every food group is essential in providing adequate nutrients, including vitamins and minerals,” Adrianne offers. “Consuming enough protein, carbohydrates and fat is essential to a healthy diet.”

With all of the nutrition noise out there, it can be difficult deciding which approach to take, but there is one trend in particular Adrianne cautions the community about. “The thought that you should eliminate a food group entirely is often a huge misconception,” she said. “Our bodies require several nutrients for optimal health, and depriving it of this can cause deficiencies. A ‘diet’ is a lifestyle, not a quick fix. Eating habits should be maintainable, and not something that can only last a week or two.”

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