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10 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving in 2020

Last Modified: 11/19/2020


Your Thanksgiving celebration might look a little different this year, but that’s OK! Think of it as an opportunity to show the ones you love just how much you care by keeping your distance and keeping them safe. Plus, you might just stumble upon a new tradition. Here are some creative ideas for inserting some fun and festive energy into your Turkey Day.

10 ways to celebrate Thanksgiving at a distance
  • Make a virtual dinner date – Pick a designated time to gather around your table and dine with your friends or loved ones via video conference. Don’t forget to go around the table and count your blessings!
  • Introduce brunch – Find a soft spot on the couch and enjoy a delicious brunch spread while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. No one said you have to wait for turkey.
  • Play it out – Set up a board game marathon with all of the family’s favorites. Winner gets the wishbone!
  • Special delivery – Make someone’s day by safely preparing and packaging one of their favorite dishes (you know, the one you’re famous for) and delivering it to their doorstep to savor. What a great surprise!
  • Walk it out – Schedule a family hike or walk. Between Acres Land Trust, state and local parks and the Fort Wayne Trails, there are so many beautiful options. Bundle up and get those steps in.
  • Get grateful with it – Create a gratitude jar and have everyone write what they are thankful for on a piece of paper. You can also make a thankful turkey by writing words of gratitude on popsicle sticks and gluing them to a pinecone or foam turkey base. Add a little paint and you have an adorable centerpiece!
  • Play date – Have the kids write and organize a performance. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins can watch virtually as they perform their masterpiece from the safety of a home stage.
  • Learn a family recipe – Set up a video chat where family members demonstrate their most treasured recipes, step by step. It’s like a virtual cooking class with all of the Thanksgiving staples you look forward to. (Don’t forget to share ingredients well in advance.)
  • Pajama party – Opt to wear your comfiest PJs all day long. Extra points for Thanksgiving-themed slippers and apparel. Make a pillow fort and snuggle in for a post-meal movie marathon.
  • Trot together – If your tradition typically involves an early morning group run, keep the streak alive. Whether via a messaging or video app, use technology to tick off a 5k together. Just be sure you pay attention to any hazards on the road. Stay safe!

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