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What shoes should I wear to a wedding?

Last Modified: May 25, 2023

Family Medicine


This post was written by Ashley M. Bojrab, DPM, FACFAS, ABPM, CWS, PPG – Podiatry.

Wedding season is upon us, which means good reasons to dress up and celebrate love with friends and family. As a podiatrist, whenever I’m lucky enough to attend a ceremony like this, I can’t help but scan the guests’ footwear selections. (Call it occupational curiosity.) In this post, I’ll share some of my recommendations for making the long day on your feet more comfortable, as well as the trends I’ve noticed that I really want you to avoid.

Wedding day do’s and don’ts

Practice makes perfect.

If you purchased new dress shoes to accessorize your outfit, you should consider breaking them in prior to the event. Wear them around the house or out and about. Not only will this make them less stiff, it will also help you get accustomed to how the shoes wear and gauge whether or not they’re comfortable. This goes for men’s shoes, too! Between the ceremony and reception, weddings can make for a marathon day on your feet–waiting for seating, visiting with others, dancing–so it’s important to feel good.

Think about a thicker heel or even a wedge.

Ladies, if you’re opting for heels, consider a wider style. Keep in mind that, the thicker the heel, the more balance and stability the shoe provides. A wedge heel can also be a sturdier option if balance is a concern. If you are looking for height, try a platform shoe. This style offers better height distribution, so the angle of the foot isn't as sharp and the fit is more comfortable.

Don’t leave home without …

Take adhesive bandages! BAND-AIDS® can be your best friend on a busy day in new shoes. When you are breaking in your shoes or on the day of the ceremony, if you notice an area is rubbing, place an adhesive bandage there to create a barrier to protect the skin. This can help prevent calluses and blisters from forming and keep you out on the dance floor. Don't forget to take a few extra just in case they fall off (or a fellow well-wisher needs some coverage). 

Avoid the temptation to go barefoot!

It never fails … As the dinners are cleared and the dancing picks up, I see so many people shed their shoes to get more comfortable. My mind immediately jumps to all of the things that could go wrong. Your feet could get stepped on. You could pick up warts or athlete's feet from bacteria on the ground. Or worse, you could step on something that might require stitches or even surgery! Please, do me a favor, and bring a slipper or flat dress shoe in your bag. Flip flops work as well. Changing into a more comfortable shoe rather than going barefoot will keep your feet safe, and my mind at ease.

I hope the months ahead bring you many moments of joy and celebration. Remember, the best outfit is one that looks good and feels good, so plan ahead and enjoy the party.



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