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Last Modified: May 26, 2023

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E Visit

Parkview MyChart makes it quick and easy to receive care for common issues such as seasonal allergies, sinus problems, headaches and more with E-Visits.

E-Visits use a symptom-based questionnaire to diagnose and provide treatment for 12 common conditions – no appointment or video visit needed. It only takes a few minutes to complete the questionnaire and one business day, excluding weekends, to receive a personalized treatment plan from a Parkview provider including prescription medication, if needed.

E-Visits are convenient, fast, secure and ideal for a variety of conditions and provide a discreet option when seeking care for uncomfortable issues (i.e. urinary problems).

The following conditions may be treated via an E-Visit:

  • Back pain

Pain occurring in any part of the back due to injury, muscle strain, pregnancy and other causes.

  • Cold sores

Blisters or sores on the lips or mouth.

  • Cough

Asthma, sinus infection, the common cold and other causes.

  • Eczema

Long-term inflammation of the skin resulting in itchiness, redness, swelling and cracking.

  • Headache

Throbbing or pulsating pain on one or both sides of the head.

  • Heartburn

A burning sensation in the upper chest, due to spicy foods, acid reflex, caffeine and other causes.

  • Motion sickness

Dizziness, nausea, and other feelings of sickness induced by motion.

  • Red eye

Bloodshot or reddish/pink eyes.

  • Seasonal allergies

Inflammation and irritation of the lungs, eyes and more caused by pollen, dust or pet dander.

  • Sinus problems

Stuffy or runny nose, sinus pressure and more caused by a sinus issue.

  • Urinary problems

Difficulty urinating change in urine and other urinary symptoms.

  • Vaginal discharge

Burning, itching, pain, discharge and spotting may indicate a vaginal problem.

  • Beginning this June, Parkview MyChart will offer three new E-Visits: birth control, erectile dysfunction and genital herpes.

To access this virtual care option, you must have a Parkview MyChart account and have an established relationship with a Parkview provider. E-Visits are available 24/7 in Indiana for adults 18 and older.

E-Visits are available for a $39 payment, regardless of your insurance plan, and processed upon receiving a treatment plan. If an E-Visit is completed on a Friday, a treatment plan will not be provided until the following Monday. Insurance is not accepted as part of this care option.

Some appointments require a physical, hands-on assessment and may not qualify for an E-Visit. If the Parkview provider is unable to treat you, we will recommend an in-person visit and will not process the charge for the E-Visit.         

Without a Parkview MyChart account?

There are several ways to activate a MyChart account.  Call our MyChart Support Team at 260-266-8700 or toll-free 1-855-853-0001, email or create an account here. It is free, available to all Parkview patients and accessible anytime, anywhere in the United States via the web or mobile app: Apple | Android

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