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The best holiday stress reliever you’ve never tried

Last Modified: November 14, 2016

Healthy Mind, Sports & Exercise

Early morning turkey roasting, crowded shopping centers, out of town guests, last-minute gifts, disrupted diets … the holidays can be a perfect storm for stress. While meditation and yoga have earned some deserving time in the spotlight recently, tai chi can be just as effective in reducing anxiety and slowing down a bit. The low impact exercise, which has origins in martial arts, is a gentle option for strengthening, stretching and a clearer mind.  

Natalie Fish, fitness instructor, shares this series of poses, perfect for refocusing and finding calm. Perform each pose 3-4 times and then repeat for a sequence, or do each pose one time and then repeat on a loop to achieve more of a flow.

Check the Community Calendar on for tai chi class times and locations. 

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