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Summer foot safety

Last Modified: June 07, 2021

Family Medicine

summer foot safety

This post was written by Ashley Bojrab, DPM, AACFAS, ABPM, PPG – Podiatry.  

Summer means lots of time by the water, either at the pool, the lake or the ocean. As you play in the waves and settle into the sand, don’t forget to protect your precious feet. Here are some good ways to avoid unwanted injuries and care for your feet, from heel to toe.

Wear water shoes – Water shoes can be hugely beneficial for protecting your feet. When you’re walking around or in the lake or beach, the rubber sole of your water shoes will prevent most sharp objects from piercing the bottom of the foot. The mesh material makes the shoes comfortable in water while still protecting the skin.

Also, as the temperature of the air continues to increase, the temperature of the cement and pavement will as well. Water shoes can help protect the bottoms of your feet from burning on hot cement, pavement or sand. It should be noted that water shoes are meant to be worn in the water and not for walking long distances. Typically, these shoes lack support, so wearing them in excess could cause foot pain, blisters or even stress fractures.

Bare isn’t better – I never recommend going barefoot, outside or inside. Going without any sort of footwear makes you extremely susceptible to injury. If you do experience an injury to the foot, contact your podiatrist or healthcare provider right way to avoid infection or other issues.

Don’t stop south of your ankles – When applying sunscreen, don’t skip your feet. This body part is often overlooked, but burns can occur on exposed skin anywhere on your body. If you’re going to be out in the sun, lather up to prevent sunburn.


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