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Reversing prediabetes with the Parkview Diabetes Prevention Program

Last Modified: February 12, 2024

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This post was written by Khaing Oo, M.Ed., CCHW, Community Engagement Coordinator, Parkview Diabetes Care Services.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly 98 million American adults (or 1 in 3) have prediabetes. Of those, over 8 in 10 are not aware of their condition. If left unaddressed, many individuals with prediabetes may progress to type 2 diabetes within five years. Given these statistics, it’s crucial to understand prediabetes and to proactively address it.

What is prediabetes?

Prediabetes is the indication of elevated blood glucose levels. These levels are above normal but do not meet the diabetes diagnosis threshold. It poses a risk for heart disease, stroke and the onset of type 2 diabetes which is the most common form of diabetes. However, prediabetes can frequently be reversed.

Risk factors

The presence of common risk factors could potentially elevate your risk of developing prediabetes and type 2 diabetes compared to others. These factors include:

  • Being overweight
  • Being 45 years old or older
  • Having a parent or sibling diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  • Engaging in physical activity less than three times per week
  • Having a history of giving birth to a baby weighing more than 9 pounds
  • Previously experiencing gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Additionally, race and ethnicity play a role in affecting your risk. African Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, American Indians, Pacific Islanders, and certain Asian American populations are at notably higher risk for type 2 diabetes.

Mitigating the risk of diabetes

Approximately one-third of adults in Indiana grapple with prediabetes, elevating their likelihood of progressing to diabetes. If you are told you have prediabetes, there are many resources available to help you take action to mitigate the risk such as:

The Parkview Diabetes Prevention Program

The Parkview Diabetes Prevention Program is one of the most effective ways to prevent getting type 2 diabetes. It can help you lose weight, become more active, and prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.

The Parkview Diabetes Prevention Program, whether in-person or online, is a structured intervention created explicitly to deter the onset of type 2 diabetes. Its focus is on individuals with prediabetes or those at risk of developing type 2 diabetes who haven't yet been diagnosed with the condition.

The program, spearheaded by a qualified Lifestyle Change Specialist, aims to facilitate alterations in various aspects of your lifestyle, such as fostering healthier eating habits, managing stress levels, and increasing physical activity. Additionally, it provides a supportive group environment where individuals with similar aspirations and challenges come together.

This initiative stands distinct from fad diets or simple exercise classes. It doesn't promise instant solutions but rather spans a year, emphasizing enduring transformations and sustained outcomes.

Committing to a year may seem lengthy, yet the process of acquiring new habits, mastering fresh skills, and nurturing self-assurance necessitates this time. As you embark on improved dietary choices and enhanced physical activity, you'll observe shifts in your well-being and perhaps even noticeable changes in your appearance.

For more information or to enroll in the Parkview Diabetes Prevention Program, please call 260-373-4280 or email

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