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Prep for utilizing the Parkview Access Center services

Last Modified: January 27, 2023

Family Medicine


The Parkview Access Center is a tremendous resource for medical care and appointment needs around the clock. And while the convenient option is incredibly easy to utilize, patients should expect to provide information for the best result. We tapped team leaders Kate Hilaire, manager, PPG Access Center Nursing Triage, Jami Jarret, manager, PPG Access Center Scheduling, and Ian Broad-White, manager – Parkview Behavioral Health Institute Scheduling and 24/7 Helpline, for tips to prepare patients for their next call.

What is some general guidance for patients using the Access Center?

Patients should be prepared to provide their name, date of birth, address and phone number at the beginning of each call. This is not only for verification purposes, but also allows us to best protect their health information. If someone calls on behalf of another adult patient, they must be listed on their HIPAA form or the adult patient must be present so we can obtain and document their verbal consent.

What paperwork, cards, etc. should patients have ready when calling the Access Center for an appointment, medical concern or prescription question?

It’s helpful when patients inform us of any updates or changes in their personal information (name, address, phone, etc.), as well as their insurance coverage. While we can’t upload a copy of their identification card or insurance card to their account, we can make note and update the medical record accordingly. Patients should be prepared to bring physical copies of updated ID cards and insurance cards with them to their provider’s office to be scanned into the medical record at their next visit.

What questions should patients be prepared to answer?

As mentioned above, patients should be prepared to verify their identity. They will also need to provide details as to why they are calling. This could be the specific symptoms or side effects a patient is experiencing. It could be the specific medication name, dosage, and any recent medication updates or changes. If they are calling for an appointment, they will need to give their reason for needing to be seen. This allows our agents to best assess and provide service excellence to meet their needs.

Is there anything patients can do to make their Access Center call smoother?

On average, we take 5,000-6,000 calls each day. We often see higher call volumes on Mondays, Fridays, during standard lunch hours and surrounding holiday weekends. Patients can consider using our services outside of these windows, if possible. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our goal is to provide you with service excellence and to meet your needs.

Learn more about scenarios in which our Access Center can help, and call to use these services any time, at 877-PPG-TODAY or 877-774-8632.

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