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Physician leaders praise colleagues for Doctors’ Day

Last Modified: March 28, 2024

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Physician leaders, Jason Row, MD, chief value transformation officer, Parkview Physicians Group, Joshua Kline, MD, chief medical officer, Parkview Physicians Group, Alan McGee, MD, president, Parkview Health Orthopedics, Orthopedics Servicer Line Leader, and Mitchell Stucky, MD, Physician Executive Officer, Parkview Physicians Group, came together to share the unique skills and dedication it takes to be an outstanding doctor.

Dr. Row

“If you listen intently enough, a patient will tell you everything you need to know to make a proper diagnosis. But more than that, they will tell you their anxieties and fears, their hopes, all the things you need to collaborate on the right treatment plan for that individual.

“It’s said that patients just want to be heard, and an average listener can do that, but I think people really want to be understood and that takes a great listener.

“I want to thank all of you, our providers, for the hard work you put in, the sacrifices you make, all the things you do to provide our patients an excellent experience of care and the highest quality of care.”

Dr. Kline

“Parkview physicians care about the community, both the patients we serve and the larger community and their health and welfare.

“I appreciate all you do to bring great care to our patients every day.”


Dr. McGee

“The greatest reward of being a physician is to be able to treat patients and see them get better, to see them come in in a compromised condition and be able to help them get back to a full and productive life.

“I hope you get to continue to improve the health and inspire the well-being of the patients you treat.”

Dr. Stucky

“The most important thing is to have mutual respect and to care for each other and our patients and that’s created an environment where our patients get the best care.

“Thank you for being my partners and caring for patients all these years.”

Dr. Robertson

“Thank you for your dedication to the profession of medicine.”

Happy Doctors’ Day to all of the talented, compassionate physicians who make a difference for people in the communities we serve!


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