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Last Modified: March 23, 2020



Update: While we are still accepting donations, Parkview is no longer distributing mask making kits. Please find directions for DIY masks here.  

Parkview Health is partnering with businesses and volunteers to protect its supply of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Though Parkview currently has an adequate supply of face masks, face shields and other PPE, innovative measures are being taken to ensure the international shortage doesn’t impact local patients or caregivers.  

“Parkview Health currently has a sufficient supply of PPE, thanks in large part to our centralized supply chain system to monitor and distribute materials,” said Donna Van Vlerah, senior vice president, support division, Parkview Health. “As an innovative organization, we will continue to look ahead and implement proactive solutions to maintain adequate stock. While we have planned well to ensure our caregivers and patients are protected, PPE is a precious commodity around the world. We’re grateful to partner with local companies and volunteers to bolster our long-term supply.”

To create a stockpile of cloth masks, which can be used as back-up to the main supply, Parkview is partnering with Hospital Laundry Service (HLS). HLS, along with a pre-selected group of volunteers, will be sewing clinical masks from a specific type of medical-grade material.

The clinical-grade masks will include nose pieces, fabricated and donated by Rea Magnet Wire and Schlemmer Brothers Metal Fabrication, which will help better protect front-line caregivers. These masks will only be used as a back-up option should Parkview Health exhaust its supply of preferred PPE.

Community donations

Additionally, community volunteers are invited to sew sheet masks, which could be used by patients, visitors or non-clinical co-workers. The basic style sheet mask can help contain the user’s germs and mitigate spread to others.

All completed masks can be returned to 3718 New Vision Drive or to your local Parkview community hospital. All masks will be laundered by HLS before they are distributed.  

Parkview will be sharing the completed mask supply with other area healthcare facilities. Follow the Parkview Health Facebook page for updates on the program, including when we run out of kits each day.

Masks made with other fabrics will also be accepted, but volunteers are encouraged to use the kits provided by Parkview Health to ensure safety and uniformity. Email with any questions on the mask-making kits or the mask donation process.

Business donations

Parkview Health has also been contacted by businesses offering to donate their supply of unused PPE, such as N-95 masks and gloves. These donations are appreciated, but must be dropped off at the Parkview Distribution Center, 1450 Production Road, Fort Wayne, to be vetted for safety before distribution.

“Parkview Health remains committed to protecting our patients, co-workers and community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic,” Van Vlerah said. “We greatly appreciate the support and partnership of local businesses and volunteers to create alternative options, should they be needed. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to help.”


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