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Parkview High Risk and Cancer Risk Reduction Program

Last Modified: May 18, 2021


The more we learn about cancer, the more we see how genetics have a major impact on an individual’s risk of developing the disease. With a focus on these nonmodifiable risk factors, as well as modifiable lifestyle risk factors, such as smoking and sun exposure, providers like Charles “Rod” Pattan, MD, High Risk and Cancer Risk Reduction Clinic, Parkview Cancer Institute, are offering a new option to help those who are vulnerable to the disease.

The goal of the High Risk Clinic is to identify the people affected by these risk factors and then get them in for assessments. This will help providers come up with health strategies to reduce their risk of getting cancer, or at least screen the patient in an effective way so that if they do develop it, they can receive prompt treatment and intervention for better outcomes.  

If you are concerned about your risk factors, talk to your primary care provider to see if they think the High Risk and Cancer Risk Reduction Clinic could be a helpful resource for you or call 833-724-8326 to schedule an appointment.

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