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Jessica shares her pride in 25 years of nursing in Bryan

Last Modified: May 09, 2024

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One of the greatest rewards for healthcare professionals is the opportunity to provide their expertise to individuals from their hometowns in their time of need. We hear this from team members across the health system, but perhaps most from those who serve in our community hospitals. We invited Jessica Young, RN, Parkview Bryan Hospital, to reflect on 25 years of nursing in the city she calls home. 

I have been with Parkview Bryan Hospital for nearly 25 years. While I’m currently in the imaging department, coordinating all cardiac testing and interventional radiology procedures, like nuclear stress tests and ultrasound-guided biopsies, I’ve been in a variety of areas.

The road to becoming an RN

When I was in high school, there was this new show, called ‘ER.’ Nurse Carol Hathaway was just so cool. Every Thursday night, I’d watch the show and I just knew that’s what I wanted to do. I made it my priority. In hindsight, I learned that working in the ER is not as much fun as the TV show made it seem.

One of the great things about the profession is you don't have to stay in one specialty for your entire career. Over 25 years, I've done several things, and there was something I loved about each department. I had a nice stint of bedside nursing. I was in Med/Surg for a while. I worked in the ER for several years, and surgery.

Lessons learned and words of wisdom

My current position is Monday through Friday. I don't take calls or work weekends, but that was something I worked up to. Most new nurses typically work some weekends or are on call, but it doesn’t have to be that way for their whole career. I’d also say, those hours offer good experience. Evening shifts can be very memorable, as a lot can happens in the middle of the night.

I’ve learned that it’s so important to have a work-life balance. You have to schedule your time off. It doesn't mean you need to travel but everybody needs a break, even if it’s a long weekend here and there.

So much has changed since I started working as a nurse 25 years ago. I’m always evolving and learning. You have to be a lifelong learner.

If someone is considering nursing, I say go for it! It’s a great career. I have enjoyed my 25 years immensely, working alongside and learning from some of the best. Be open to learning from your leaders. If somebody wants to teach you something or help you with a process, that’s a gift.

Caring for the people of Bryan

When you've worked with people for 25 years, had babies together, know each other’s families, it’s more like family than work. (Although there are days when it definitely feels like work!)

I live and work in Bryan and teach yoga part-time. Serving my community for as long as I have in this profession has been an honor and a privilege. My neighbors, family and friends trust me with their care, and I've never taken that lightly.

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