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Heart disease 101 for women

Last Modified: February 05, 2016

Heart Health

Heart disease 101 for women

February is National Heart Month, and while anyone can be affected by cardiovascular disease, women are particularly high risk for missing significant warning signs. Roy Robertson, MD, Parkview Physicians Group – Cardiology, shares life-saving tips for awareness and prevention.

“Heart disease kills six times more women than breast cancer, so that gives you some concept of the enormity of the issue,” Dr. Robertson said. “Women have a much more challenging time if they do have heart disease than men. They tend to die more frequently after a heart attack, for example.”

But there are steps women can take to minimize their risk and become more knowledgeable about this unsettling health threat. Recognizing the most common risk factors is the first important step in being proactive. Dr. Robertson shares these items and how you can lessen some of dangers in your routine.

6 Steps for Heart Disease Prevention
  1. Quit smoking
  2. Control diabetes
  3. Watch what you eat
  4. Know your genetics and family health history
  5. Slow down and relieve stress

Making your health a priority and recognizing how your habits and environmental factors are all interrelated are great first steps toward prevention.

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