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Last Modified: June 17, 2022

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Farm Friends

Do you have a middle-schooler who loves eating, cooking and making friends? Kristen Canan, greenhouse assistant, Parkview Community Greenhouse and Learning Kitchen, shares the details of a new opportunity for curious kiddos excited to get their hands dirty while learning new skills in the kitchen and garden. Read on to discover how your little learner can participate in this unique program.

What is the Farm Friends program?

The Parkview Community Greenhouse and Learning Kitchen are excited to debut the Farm Friends club this summer. It is a free program for middle schoolers designed to explore the relationship of farm-to-fork through interactive, hands-on agriculture and nutrition learning experiences. In the Farm Friends club, growing and cooking aren’t limited to simply planting a seed in the ground or following a recipe. It can be as far-reaching as building a hydroponic growing system or finding ways to make your favorite recipes out of unusual and nutritious ingredients.    

What makes the Farm Friends program unique?

The Community Greenhouse and Learning Kitchen was built in 2018 to serve the community and our neighbors, including those individuals who are food insecure. We do this by providing greater access to fresh, affordable produce through the HEAL market and offering opportunities to learn more about nutrition, cooking and growing food.

How does this program benefit children and families in the community?

One of our primary goals is to foster a sense of community, and the Farm Friends club is doing just that! Middle schoolers can attend the club, resulting in friendships formed between kids who were strangers before walking through our doors. On top of bringing kids together over a shared curiosity about growing and nutrition, this club encourages all members to try new things and practice creativity and problem-solving skills while equipping them with the knowledge and resources to practice what they learn at home.

What does the future hold for this program?

As for our future, we plan to expand the club to elementary and high school-aged kids while partnering with local community members on nutrition, farming and science-related topics.   

Upcoming classes and events

The Parkview Greenhouse and Learning Kitchen will host this educational club at various dates and times throughout the summer, allowing middle schoolers to explore the process of farm-to-fork through hands-on agriculture and nutrition experiences. To learn more or register for an upcoming Farm Friends event, please visit Parkview’s classes and events page. For any community members interested in a partnership with the HEAL market, please contact us at

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