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Doubling the love: Molly’s story

Last Modified: January 23, 2023

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Deciding to start a family is a major milestone. From the instant you find out you’re expecting, to the moment you bring your new bundle home, you will likely run the gamut of emotions. Molly Bucher, RN, Parkview Huntington Hospital, and her husband, Matt, experienced this emotional roller coaster not once, but twice when they found out they were expecting their second set of twins. Molly shared more about her unique pregnancies, delivery experiences and what it’s like to go from a family of four to a party of six.

Matt and Molly always knew they wanted a family, and two years ago, they got their wish. They were pregnant! And, like many first-time parents, they were excited about what the future held, especially once they discovered they were having twins. “We were ecstatic,” Molly said. “Matt is a twin, and we’d always hoped we would have a set of twins, too, but we weren’t counting on it. So, when we saw the ultrasound, we were both so excited!”

At 37 weeks, Molly gave birth to two beautiful baby boys. In an instant, their world expanded. Their goal was no longer about getting to the finish line or delivery day. It was about figuring out who they were as parents and how they would function as a family.

“The first year of having our twin boys was probably the hardest year of our marriage,” Molly confessed. “If you think about it, most people introduce one child into their family at a time and feel overwhelmed. We brought two newborns home at once. It was a little daunting, and there were a lot of growing pains as we learned our new roles, worked full-time and figured out how to manage everything.”

Despite those initial growing pains, their home and hearts were full, and in time they found their rhythm. “We eventually got things under control,” she said. “We were all doing great. The boys were thriving; we were thriving, and it was wonderful. That’s when we decided we wanted to try for just one more. After that, we would be done.”

Fast forward to June 2022, the Buchers were overjoyed and couldn’t wait to tell everyone the good news. They were expecting again! Molly and Matt felt a little more prepared and at ease with this second pregnancy, knowing they had two years of parenting under their belts. After all, they already had twins. What could happen?

“We went to the first ultrasound appointment, and I remember the tech saying, ‘Oh my gosh! Congratulations, it’s twins!’” Molly recalled. “The look on our faces was complete and utter shock. Our excitement took a minute to sink in this time around, but we were thrilled and blown away by the fact that it happened again.”

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As days turned into weeks, Molly experienced all the typical pregnancy milestones without much issue, just as she had with her first set of twins two years ago. And while carrying one growing baby is hard enough, she was grateful for the relative ease with which both pregnancies progressed.

“This second pregnancy was definitely easier than my first, but I was blessed in both cases,” she said. “Each one went fairly smoothly without any major issues or complications. I worked up to 35 weeks during both pregnancies, but fatigue and feeling tired were my biggest problems. Chasing around my two-year-olds and working full-time was exhausting, but overall, I had very few issues.”

Though she hadn’t experienced any significant complications during her pregnancy, one primary concern weighed on Molly’s mind as her due date approached. “My biggest fear was making it to 35 weeks,” she confessed. “I wanted to make it to that point so I could deliver at the Family Birthing Center in Huntington with Kevin Stamm, MD, PPG – OB/GYN, and Shelly Boone, CNM, FNP-C, PPG – OB/GYN. They delivered our boys, and I wanted them to be the ones to deliver our girls. I knew them, and I was comfortable with them. If I had gone early, I would have had to deliver with a whole new team, which isn’t bad, but it’s not what I wanted for my birthing experience. I wanted to deliver with my people.”

 Molly successfully made it past her gestation goal. At 36 weeks and five days, she brought two gorgeous baby girls into the world with the help of her providers. Looking back, she’s so thankful she had the opportunity. “The thing I loved most about delivering at the hospital I work in is the family orientation,” she boasted. “I mean, I’ve known them all for so long, I knew I could trust them. It was so comforting to know the person walking into my room, answering my call light, and just supporting me through the process. I know they loved my family as I do. They took care of us. It was like home.”

And while Molly’s experience and preferences were unique, she wouldn’t change a single thing. “My delivery was the best,” she said. “But it’s not for everyone. When some of my friends and family found out I was delivering at the same place where I worked, they asked, ‘Won’t that weird or awkward to have your babies and go through labor with people you know?’ My response was, ‘Not at all.’ I loved connecting with the providers, nurses, and pediatricians who saw our girls on a different level. I trusted them all wholeheartedly. It was such an incredible experience.”

Several weeks into their new normal, Molly, Matt and the rest of the crew are all doing well. They are still finding their footing as a family of six, but they are taking it one day at a time. “Obviously, we have chaotic days when we all need our space, but it’s been amazing,” she said. “I can’t tell you how much my heart has grown in the last two and a half years. As an adult, you think you understand your capacity to love because you love your husband or partner and your family and friends, but then you have a child (or two at a time, in our case), and it all changes. I remember thinking, ‘how could I love anything more?’ Then, we had the girls; that love expanded and continues to grow. I’m not exaggerating when I say my insides overflow with love.”

Though doubling their family for the second time in two years wasn’t exactly part of the plan, Molly and her husband are thrilled with the way everything has unfolded and the exceptional care they received. “From the bottom of our hearts, thank you,” Molly said. “Thank you for loving us like your own. Thank you for supporting us and using your best clinical judgments to ensure we were taken care of.”

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