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COVID-19 vaccine guidance: Pregnancy

Last Modified: February 04, 2021

Women & Children

There’s an overwhelming amount of information circulating in the media regarding the coronavirus vaccine. This can lead to confusion and trepidation about the best course of action for each individual. Particularly those who are dealing with other conditions or comorbidities that could complicate their decision.

For women, this can mean evaluating whether or not to get the vaccine when pregnant or trying to conceive. It can feel like you’re not only making the decision for yourself, but also your unborn child.

COVID Pregnancy

In an effort to help this population assess the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine, we sat down with Geoffrey Gordon, MD, PPG – Maternal-Fetal Medicine. In this video he discusses general recommendations for those currently pregnant or considering pregnancy in the future, as well as some of the false information circulating regarding fertility and the vaccine. If you have additional questions, you should always consult your physician.

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