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Last Modified: October 30, 2023

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Since 2021, Emily Davis, BSN, RN, IBCLC, nurse navigator, Parkview Women’s & Children’s Hospital, has applied her professional expertise to her passion for supporting new mothers by hosting a Mom’s Group at Parkview Wabash Hospital. She shares details on the intimate program, including the unique benefits for participants and how much it means that the initiative is supported by the Parkview Foundation.  

Who can participate in Mom’s Group?

Any mom can participate! We love offering this group to all mothers because a lot of postpartum support groups are focused on breastfeeding, which is great, but there are many factors that contribute to why someone may not be breastfeeding, and we don’t want to exclude anyone. All moms need support and connection.

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How did the Mom’s Group come to be?

I created it when I was working as a birth planner and lactation consultant at Parkview Wabash. My position has since shifted, but I still have a heart for moms and babies. Every mother needs support and to be connected to other moms.

What is the goal of the Mom’s Group?

I know how tough postpartum can be and would have loved to have a reason to get out and somewhere to go where I could talk with other moms and be encouraged. That is my goal with this group. I want moms to make connections and friends in their community, so they have support. It’s essentially a standing playdate with other moms who have toddlers and newborns. Of course, we also offer feeding help and weight checks.  

What is a typical meeting like?

The meetings vary based on the mothers’ needs. We have playmats with toys out for moms and little ones when they arrive. We normally do a craft with a hand or footprint so the moms can have a keepsake without the stress of gathering supplies and cleaning up the mess at home. Then moms just talk and ask questions. If there is a baby who needs a weight check, we do that. If a mom needs help with breastfeeding we address that and can do weighted feeds, where we see how much volume the baby is taking in while nursing. We have snacks and drinks for participants as well.

What are the key benefits of the group?

We’re empowering moms with support, friendship and education. Moms enjoy the group and look forward to coming each week to connect with friends and get out of the house. They share that it’s so nice to come and not have to worry if their toddler is playing loudly or if their infant is crying. We’re all moms and we get it. It’s so nice to see moms connecting and helping one another.

How long can someone stay in the group?

A mom can stay in the group as long as she wants to and feels it’s benefiting her. We have babies and toddlers at various ages.

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What does it mean to you and the moms in the group to have the support of the Parkview Foundation?

We would not be able to have this group without the support of the Parkview Foundation. It’s amazing to have them involved.

It’s an honor for me to work with these moms and their children. It’s so rewarding helping them connect with each other and thrive in motherhood and we welcome others looking for this type of support.


Moms Group is held every Monday from 12:30 p.m. - 2 p.m. in the MOB Conference Room at Parkview Wabash. To learn more about the Mom’s Group at Parkview Wabash, call 260-258-7789 or email Explore ways to give to the Parkview Foundation, which supports programs like this one, at

Parkview offers a range of options for expecting and new parents. If you would like details on all of our classes for pregnant and postpartum mothers, visit the list of Classes and Events on and filter the Category to “Maternity and Parenting.”



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